The Mindset of the Successful Doctoral Student

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15-Lesson Program

6+ Hours Training and Education

This 15-lesson program by Dr. Rich Schuttler, an award winning dissertation chair, contains over 7-hours training and education on common mindset factors that successful doctoral students have.

Learn simple ‘how to’ strategies to improve your approach to your studies. This is prefect for you whether you are just starting out or mid-way through your program and for certain if you are struggling to remain positive while working on your dissertation.

Here’s What Is Included:​


  • Successful Mindset Factors Introduction

  • Where To Find References to Cite That Add Value

  • 10 Questions To Answer About Yourself

  • Higher Order Critical Thinking Mindset

  • Being And Remaining Optimistic

  • Being A Researcher

  • Passion In ALL of Your Work

  • Personal Curiosity

  • Relevant Work

  • Self Reflect, Self-Assess & Self-Correct

  • Academic Tone

  • Being Purposeful

  • Relentless Pursuit Of Quality

  • Staying Self-Motivated

  • Series Wrap-Up

Invest today for just

$39.97 $19.97

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