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In YOUR Oral Defense:

  • Do you know what kind of questions you will be asked?
  • Do you know how your faculty committee members expect you to answer them?

No, I didn’t think so!
How could you?

You haven’t done such an important oral defense yet. But, I have lead and been on many each year for the past 16 years. And, I know exactly what is expected of you. But rather than keeping is a secret, I am sharing my lived-experiences with you so you can prepare for and pass your oral defense with knowing the expectations!

Lessons include:

Lesson #1 – What is an Oral Defense & Who Are The Stakeholders
Lesson #2 – How to Prepare for Your Mindset, Desk, and Setting
Lesson #3 – How to Prepare an Oral Defense PowerPoint Presentation
Lesson #4 – Type & Samples of Faculty Questions You Can Expect
Lesson #5 – Tips on How Faculty Expect You to Answer Questions
Lesson #6 – 12-Tips on How to Successfully Pass Your Oral Defense

  • I used your process, got my proposal and oral defense approved and now awaiting IRB approval. I am a Walden University AMDS PhD student and have been at this for more than eight years. After I ordered your process, I was approved in six months.”


  • Great News! I successfully defended my dissertation today!!!!! Thank you very much for your assistance and advice. Your resources were extremely helpful!”


  • Thanks for offering this free webinar regarding the oral defense Dr. Rich! The last webinar was so informative. I REALLY APPRECIATE you going above and beyond to ensure we get ahead.”


Invest Today

just $39.97 $19.97 (Special Offer)!

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