Dr. Rich Schuttler

Dr. Rich Schuttler is the founder of Taking the But Out of All But Dissertation. This is a one-of-a-kind successful entrepreneurial venture that has helped thousands of doctoral students around the world graduate sooner! Dr. Rich has been mentoring doctoral dissertation research since 1999 at universities in and outside the U.S. with phenomenal success. He also has his own active research agenda where he conducts primary research for his own interests and that of his corporate clients.

Dr. Schuttler served as Dean at the University of Phoenix from 2000-2004 (Business Week’s 2004 #3 Hot Growing Companies) that experienced tremendous growth during his 5-year tenure. In his position as a Dean, he was responsible for approving doctoral dissertations on behalf of the university. In 2011, he was named Faculty of the Year for Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring at the University of Phoenix. In 2013, one of his mentees earned the Quantitative Dissertation of the Year Award, and in 2006 one of his mentees had the most requested dissertation from ProQuest Dissertations.

Dr. Rich Schuttler is a leadership and communication expert and Best-selling author. He has over 30-years of diversified international management and leadership improvement expertise within academic, healthcare, federal/state governments, and Fortune 1,000 environments developing strategies and implementation methods. Dr. Rich has mentored executives, faculty, and students from around the world in a variety of professional leadership and management settings.

Dr. Rich served honorably in the U.S. Navy for 23 years active duty before he retired in 1998 and earned his Ph.D. in Applied Management and Decision Sciences from Walden University.

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Student Testimonials

View some of my students’ testimonials about how they were able to complete their dissertation journeys successfully.


"Dr. Rich's weekly seminars and advice is clear, concise, and to the point on how to write each chapter of the dissertation. His guidance has made a remarkable difference in the alignment and rigor of my study. Not only has that, working with Dr. Rich brought clarity to the exact detail required for a quality study. Dr. Rich knows the way ahead and how to lead by serving and empowering others. Time well spent; excellent results."


"Since starting Taking the B out of ABD, my writing and research skills have improved dramatically. My next class calls for a Concept Paper and I am already laying the framework for that assignment based on what Dr. Rich is presenting in the weekly webinars."


"The Power-Up weekend was phenomenal and the information and tools you provided were very helpful in clarifying many of my unanswered questions. Thank you so much for the great presentation. Many of my doctoral cohorts are waiting for me to tell them how this weekend went. I am sure that you will see some new names on your Webinars and signing up for future Power Up weekends. Thank you!"

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