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  • Are You A Struggling Doctoral Student Laboring With “ABD” Status?
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Throw off the “Cloak of Worry” and Take Control with this one of a kind program that gives you the tools you need to avoid becoming another failed statistic!

It was never meant to be like this!

The constant pressure to produce results, write papers, focus on your job, and then find time to slog through your proposal and dissertation — it’s challenging work, and it’s absolutely draining!

That’s not even counting the stress on relationships and yourself as you fight feelings of aimlessness, dissatisfaction, and even hopelessness that you’ll never get the dissertation finished and graduate.

A familiar question that lurks in the mind of all doctoral students struggling is a simple, but potentially poisonous one:

“Is this really worth it?”

It’s an understandable question, especially when you see your former peers rising through the ranks in well-paid careers, enjoying the fruits of their labor without the doctoral dissertation—the very same project that currently seems to be draining the life out of you?

This powerful, year-long program has helped thousands of doctoral students to successfully complete their dissertation research studies and finally graduate—and now it can help you, too!

The Only Dissertation Development Program Made Exclusively For ABDs That Gives You the Power to Make Concrete Progress with Your Dissertation Using  Incremental Gains!

Hear Directly from My Students

"It is with earnest conviction that I recommend Dr. Rich Schuttler as an outstanding leader relative to his skills associated with advanced degree consultation.  He exemplifies the grit, mindset, and diligence needed to complete the dissertation process, as well as offers applied critical thinking to tackle even the most overwhelming obstacles associated with progression. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to interact and assess Dr. Schuttler's professional activities and when it came time to embark on my doctoral degree, I did not have to think twice about who I would select to assist in maintaining my focus."

You’re not alone—it’s certainly not the dreaming spires and ivory towers that so many believe it might be.

In fact a report from the Council of Graduate Schools shows that dropout rates from doctorate programs across North America are high—and those results are emergent from a 10-year study! I say “Yes, it is worth it—and you don’t need to feel “burnt out” anymore!” What if you could spend just $1 a day over the course of a year to make significant progress with your proposal and into dissertation while simultaneously dropping so many of your inner worries and stressors?

What if you could enjoy an expert step-by-step guidance study program that shows you exactly how you can start to make real progress with your dissertation research studies? Don’t you believe if you better knew the expectations of what needs to be your proposal and dissertation that you’d meet and more than likely exceed those expectations?

That program has arrived—and not only is a comprehensive program that you can start to put in action starting today, it provides you with all the information you need in one place!

Your Investment:

Just $365!

Dr. Rich’s 52-Week Incremental Gains and Dissertation Development Guided
Self-Study Program

This is a one-of-a-kind program that you simply won’t find anywhere else. Writing a dissertation can sometimes seem like a complicated, convoluted, and draining process—but you can make it easier on yourself.

I designed my 52-Week Incremental Gains and Dissertation Development Guided Self-Study Program to help doctoral students at all stages—whether you’ve just started out or are some years into the process. This program is all about making real progress in the creation and approvals of your proposal and then your dissertation.

Not only is the information and mentorship I provide designed to give you the tools to successfully complete your doctorate program and dissertation—these tools are also useful outside of the ivory towers of academia in your professional career. In other words, this is about life-skills and lessons as much as it is your dissertation.

"This program helped me to really understand the expectations of the various chapters and helped me gain clarity on items I was repeatedly not making progress in completing."

Your Investment:

Just $365!

… only $1 a day for an entire year of expert guidance designed to help you focus,
write a substantial paper and graduate—this is a no-brainer!

Each week, you’ll learn strategies that keep your self-motivation high – while you make consistent progress!

My comprehensive program has been specifically designed with 52-lessons that don’t just mentor you throughout the challenging process of creating your doctoral dissertation, but helps you to make progress weekly through incremental gains that help you to reach your ultimate goal of attaining your dissertation sooner—without losing your mind!

  • Audio and video lessons online allow you to access the lessons 24/7/365 whether you’re on-the-go or sitting at your desk
  • PowerPoint lessons give you the ability to sit down and take notes in your own way, allowing for better retention of the information provided
  • Exclusive bonus webinar access that relate to different areas of academic success, unavailable anywhere else

Information is power, and you can never have too much of it—and with a week to digest and internalize these strategies, you have the power to transform yourself from “potential ABD” to a full doctoral graduate.

This program has helped over 1,000 doctoral students to succeed—and just like you, all were once exhausted, stressed out, and some consider even quitting.

Here's What You'll Get:

ABD Chapter Lessons

Every week for one year (52-weeks), you have access to an audio and video lesson that outlines how you can start to build Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of your dissertation. These lessons can be accessed 24/7/365 through the internet for the entirety of the week.

Each lesson is available for the duration of the week (7 days). You will only have access to one lesson at a time; after a week, you will have access to a new lesson as the old one is discontinued. Let’s stop the ‘drinking from a fire hydrant’ approach and move to incremental gains!

Bonus: Focused Webinars

Academia is hard work—and each week I’ll be covering the many different areas that every doctoral student needs to master in order to make real progress while maintaining focus. These webinars are designed not just to help you create a significant and substantial dissertation you can be proud of, but also enjoy the process and the journey that goes with it. Yes, you can have fun learning!

ABD Chapter PowerPoint Presentations

Each ABD Chapter Lesson comes with its own PowerPoint presentation to facilitate note-taking, as well as amplify your retention of the guidance and information presented in each lesson for better recall. As the weeks roll by, you will find yourself referring to previous lessons through your notes—I strongly recommend that you take notes throughout!

Tip of the Week

Each week, I’ll share my “Dr. Rich” tips with you that will help to keep you focused, self-motivated, and thoughtful on how to best progress. These tips are often simple, but incredibly powerful. I have been told my sincere and honest tips are just what students needed to keep going when they were ready to quit!

Quote of the Week

Your dissertation is one of the most significant tasks that you will achieve in this lifetime. My carefully curated quotes have been selected from notable people around the world for their thought-provoking insightfulness to equip you with new ways to look at old problems—in turn, this fosters new inspiration for better work.

  • “Dr. Schuttler, I cannot thank you for your leadership that has taken the fears and doubts I use to have concerning the success in dissertation writing. Your expertise and approach in giving corrections and pointers for critical thinking has boosted my confident limit. I feel ready more than ever before.”

  • “Dr. Schuttler is a true professional in every sense of the word and places his clients’ interests as priority.  His multi-faceted approach illustrates his dedication to goal achievement.  He emanates a sense of trust-worthiness that makes you feel secure during what is without a doubt a very involved process. It is with pleasure and gratitude that I provide my highest endorsement.”

  • “I just wanted to thank you for all the help and guidance you have given students. I received the following feedback on my proposal from the university review:

    ‘Thank you for the opportunity to review this proposal. I wish to commend the student, the chair and the committee for such an outstanding proposal. In over 250 reviews, I have never approved one as is – until now.'”

Your Investment:

Just $365!

… only $1 a day for an entire year of expert guidance designed to help you focus,
write a substantial paper and graduate—this is a no-brainer!

IF you’re ready:

  • To start making incremental steps towards being a better student and completing your dissertation
  • To invest in your future and take advantage of a one-of-a-kind program tailored especially for you

Then now is the time to act—your dissertation isn’t going away and not get any easier for you. Don’t let hesitation prevent you from achieving your goals! I can’t help you if you don’t let me!

Remember, you'll get:

  • Immediate access to 52-Week Incremental Gains and Dissertation Development Self-Guided  Program
  • Instant access to my first weekly lesson that I can access and watch 24/7 from anywhere in the world for the duration of the week Top of Form
  • Weekly, I will receive a new lesson, each designed to help me make incremental progress on my doctoral proposal and dissertation as the previous lesson is withdrawn
  • Week 1, Day 1, starts immediately after you enroll not some distant group class start date! You wait for no one to start learning today!
  • I will be offered the opportunity to become a program affiliate and received 30% of all enrollment fees for any anyone and everyone I refer to this program who enroll – with no limit!
You are twice as smart as you think you are!

Sign up to the 52-Week Incremental Gains and Dissertation Development Self-Guided Program today and give yourself a powerful boost towards graduating with a full doctorate degree for just $1 a day—or risk becoming yet another failed ABD statistic.

Your Investment:

Just $365!

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