Dissertation Monkey on Your Back?

Do you have the Dissertation Monkey on your back?

That’s when you are constantly thinking about how much progress you are not making in your dissertation and how much longer and how much more it’s costing to you graduate than you anticipated! Are you regularly trying to justify your education needs and lack of progress with your family and friends who miss you and don’t understand why you are not making more progress? If so, stop the madness!

If you did not make the progress you wanted in the past 30-days, then stop what you are doing, and figure out what you really need to do and stop doing what is not working. Some students I don’t believe ever want to graduate, they like telling people they are a ‘doctoral student.’ Is that you? And, some actually fear they are never going to be good enough once they have the degree! That’s negative self-talk and you need to stop that if this is happening to you.

Remember, incremental gains are small steps of progress that collectively add up to produce huge successes. My 14-years of being a dissertation chair tells me that focusing on writing one heading, in one chapter, at a time allows for greater progress. You are  where you today! You can’t change that, but you can change where you will be in 30-days!

What will you accomplish this next week and then in the next three weeks after? Write down measurable goals for yourself and then hold yourself accountable for the next 30-days. If you can’t do that then you are lazy and probably are not going to graduate anyway – why bother continuing to pay tuition?! Quit already! But, if you can do it, you’ll find that what you have not done before will give you results you have not seen yet! Roll up your sleeves, get to work, and make progress more than you ever have!

Doing what others will not do today will give you what others will not have tomorrow!

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Dr. Rich Schuttler

Founder, Taking the B Out of ABD program