Time Management Tip: Learn to Just Say “No”

Look at your daily schedule. How many tasks are things that you have decided you want to do? How many are things that others have asked you to do and you couldn’t refuse? Our time can quickly be eaten up with projects that don’t really belong to us.

The next time someone else asks you to take on a task, don’t automatically say “Yes.” Instead, tell them you will have to check your schedule and get back to them. As you consider the possibility, ask yourself the following questions and then stand behind your decision, guilt-free:

• How much time will this project take, and do I have that amount of time available?

• Is this something I care deeply about?

• Is there anyone else who can do this project?

• What will happen if I say “No”?

• What are my reasons for saying “Yes”?

• What will I have to sacrifice in order to take on this project?