Develop a New Success Habit: Thank 10 People Every Day…and Mean It!

thank you








Have you ever noticed how often we need assistance? Every day, people serve us at restaurants, salons, and shopping centers. They meet our needs at schools, offices, and hospitals. Occasionally we need police and/or rescue personnel. How often do you take the time to look these people in the eye and let them know you truly appreciate what they are doing for you? Probably not enough!

You can become a better leader by making others feel good about themselves and their performance. Begin a new Success Habit by sincerely thanking at least 10 different people each day. Compliment them on their service, their professionalism, or their attitude. Take the time to look them in the eye and let them know how much you appreciate their help. Many of these people may never receive such positive feedback. Be a leader who says, “Thank You” to those who deserve it!

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