Make Someone’s Day – Pay it Forward

To become an even better leader, be sure to give thanks to those who are deserving. The following idea is an active exercise for you to try. It will help you to become more aware of  how your words and actions can positively influence others.


Identify two or more people in your life who have set an example of being a great leader. Perhaps your leader hero is a parent, sibling, teacher, coach,  pastor, friend, or co-worker. They may have been active in your life at a younger age, or perhaps they are someone you admire now. (Make sure these people have known you personally and are not a famous figure you have never met.)


Find their contact information and send each of them a note of thanks, acknowledging their contributions in your life and explaining how they have helped you become the person you are today. Sending them something tangible that they can share with others or put into a scrapbook is also a great way to acknowledge them. Such an act of goodwill on your part will help your leader heroes realize how their lives have had a positive impact in the world. Unless you tell them, they may never know how important they were to you.


If your leader hero has passed away, consider sending the note to a relative of theirs so that they can know how much you appreciate their loved one. If he or she was an elementary school or high school teacher and you cannot locate them, send your note to the current school principal. Giving such praise and recognition can make the recipient’s day, and you will feel great, too. A kind gesture holds so much value and helps others to realize their worth!


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